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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hello, I'm Amanda and I'm a writer.

Dear Friends, Family, and Others,

Following some practical advice a fellow professional writer and good friend gave me, I'm finally uploading my writing samples onto this blog so that you all can see what I've been up to and so future employers can get a snapshot of my writing experience in one place.

I've been tiptoeing down this path for several years, having planted seeds for my career as a writer as far back as my college days at NYU and in the creative department of Ogilvy & Mather thereafter. Now I am finally taking larger, more intentional strides toward my dreams.

My boyfriend recently observed that I walk loudly on my heels. Um....OK. I'll try to lighten my gait a little around the house but, conversely, I hope my steps down my life path are even more heavy, full-footed, and ear-splitting than ever. Some days the path seems clearly marked and other days I'm bushwhacking, but I've never been one to need a map. And these days, I don't really mind who hears me coming!

In addition to the Fit Pregnancy and Kiwi Magazine pieces (please click on the thumbnails in each post to see larger versions), I recently put together a nursery design piece for MOM magazine (to be posted upon publication) and am writing web copy for Donna Karan home products as seen in the following links:



I look forward to the day when I'll stomp loudly over to my computer to post about my first design book or novel. Until then, I'll devour every freelance writing position with passion and continue to pause here and there along the path, breathing in gratitude for everything and everyone that's gotten me this far.

With love,

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