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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brushing Up

I am well aware that there is an aisle in every drug store across America overflowing with dental care products, including dozens of candy-colored plastic toothbrushes with hi-tech bristle patterns, emblazoned with large company logos and packaged up with promotional endorsements from 9 out of 10 dentists. I just don't buy it.

For many years, I have figured that all you need is a regular toothbrush and the discipline to brush twice daily. And a good flossing habit too. And with my attraction to clean, simple design, it's no surprise that the bulging orange handle with comfort grips attached to a blue and white head that fades over time and makes false promises does not have a place in my toothbrush holder.

Plus, I'm also an avid environmentalist, looking for every small opportunity to make a difference. So therefore I've been a Preserve Toothbrush fan for many years. I switch back and forth between solid white and blue, but they have a few other colors in their assortment, all appealingly clean and modern. They are made from 100% recycled plastic and are completely recyclable (you can even buy brushes with a mail-back program to ensure the next stage in the recycling loop), as well as free of BPA and all gimmicks. All these feel-good attributes contribute to total brand loyalty. I don't even accept free toothbrushes at the dentist's office.

While I don't plan to alter my teeth cleaning tool choices any time soon, I must admit that I am tempted to fill the overnight guest supply basket with these lovely bamboo toothbrushes from Izola, which are just as appealing in eco-friendliness and design. My guests will be enjoying the philosophical messages like "Ruminate" and "Contemplate" however 4-packs featuring months of the years or numbers 1-4 imprinted on the bamboo handles are also available (sets of 4 start at $11, from Velocity).