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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back to blogging.....

I've been a very busy girl, staging a house in the Hamptons in 4 days, designing a Manhattan apartment, and helping several grateful clients whip their closets and offices into shape, all in the past few weeks. AND my son was home from school last week on Winter Break, which has the tendency of putting a wrench in my high-powered interior designer machine. (Kidding.) Alas, my Baby Green blog has gone neglected.

Here is the 'before' master bedroom in Sagaponack, NY to prove I had my work cut out for me (remember I said the timeline was 4 DAYS and the budget was pretty small):

And here's the 'after'. Big improvement, eh?

Finally, here's the closet mountain I'm in the process of scaling with one of my dear Manhattan clients. It was a total disaster; these phone pics don't really do it justice. But I'll get nice inspirational 'after' photos up as soon as we've reached the peak!