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Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Color: Black and Gold

Like the 100 or so million other Americans who watched yesterday's Super Bowl, I was truly entertained and inspired. It was a great game. Although I have to admit that the most pleasurable source of entertainment and inspiration for me was that thrilling half-time performance by the legendary Madonna (and several talented buds of hers). And so I turn to her wardrobe palette for today's Monday Color combination: the fierce black and gold pairing of her half Grecian, half Stripper ensemble. Here's how it works off the field:

Images above:

1. An opulent black and gold bathroom.

2. A sparkly gold fireplace in a room dotted with bold black, found on Real Simple.

3. A wild zebra rug with a more subdued gold velvet sofa against deep black walls strikes a unique balance.

4. A living room filled with sexy black seating and a bunch of industrial chic accents from ehomee.com.

5. The combination of gold damask wallpaper and a black bed show how fine the line between tacky and tasteful is, but successfully pulls it off with the sophisticated of black and white photography and crisp hotel bedding (from Decor Pad).

6. Whoa! Daring gold-painted trim with black and gold wallpaper and accessories (from Beautiful Shopping).

7. And DOUBLE whoa! The Midas Touch Collection by Philip Plein (as seen on Luxury Launches).

8. A black and gold Ralph Lauren Home pillow, found on Departures.com.

9. Leonardo Leather Ottomans as featured on ID Best.

10. Guilt Mirror by Koket.

11. Barbara Cahn's handmade black and gold porcelain vase.

12. There are plenty of over-the-top black and gold dinnerware options on the market, but nothing makes this color duo more palatable than classic a Black Astbury Wedgwood set (available from The Crystal Company).

13. From the Metalic Cowhide Collection at Saddlemans of Santa Fe.

14. A clever gloss black and gold leafed Jewelry Armoire by Powell available at Accent Furniture Online.