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Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Color: Citron & Gray

Today's skies alternated between an overcast haze and somber gray rain clouds without a sliver of sunlight from morning till night. The dismal weather clearly sparked my selection of colors for today's post, badly needing to inject some bright sunshine into today's grayness. Plus, I'm always a sucker for unexpected opposites and balanced contrast - for the 'yin' and 'yang' of decorating motifs, so to speak - which citron and gray most certainly are. Let's see what you think about this bright and gloomy Monday Color pairing.....

Images above:

1. From a post on Styled Haven, these gray & white stripes, layers of yellow and rustic nightstands go perfectly together.

2. There's so much to love about this eclectic living room found on Home Bunch.

3. Gray grasscloths walls would be enough to have me smitten, but paired with a yellow headboard and bench, and that daring introduction of deep army green.....all I can say is 'wow!' (found on Decor Pad)

4. This bedroom reflects the mellow results when both the citrine and gray are on the warmer side.

5. From Laura Casey Interiors' blog, this yellow door and gray home exterior make me almost as happy as my own white house with its bright golden door.

6. A gray and citron living room featured on Nell Hill's blog.

7. These deep yellow walls are balanced by abundant white architectural details and subdued gray furniture.

8. In this living room, a daring citron sofa is perfectly paired with medium wood tones and plenty of gray, and echoed in accessories and shelf insets for an expertly finished look.

9. A great art idea for a cheery yellow and gray bedroom, from Martha Stewart, via All Things Chic.

10. This ultra-modern room doesn't feel overly cold thanks to the injection of bold yellow on the accent wall.

11. Michael Millers Citron & Gray Bird Swing fabric from fabric.com.

12. Chester Tufted Upholstered Sofa in special order Dandelion, from West Elm.

13. Gray and Yellow Sputnik Rug from Domestic Modern.

14. Perch! Design's Early Bird Light in yellow also comes in a soft gray.

15. Omniware's Hemisphere Gray & Yellow 11" Dinner Plate from Amazon.com.

16. Romo's Kimura Wallpaper in Tumeric.

17. Using the same Romo pattern, this room highlights a creative way to save money but still add big color impact: framing wallpaper as art (found on Exponent Expira).