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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Irene vs. Baby Green

My life certainly has had its inherent challenges recently, from a fried logic board to natural disasters, but I'm committed to getting my blog going again come hell or high water (literally!). For anyone who doesn't know, I live in the South Shore of Long Island, an area, like most others on the East Coast, that was badly hit by the recent Tropical Storm Irene. But spirits are high and recovery has been swift, with the dominant perspective of "it could have been much worse" rattling through every conversation. For me, these are just bumps in the road, and ultimately I'm grateful to have a computer and a roof over my head, even if they are susceptible to breakage.

One of the main focuses of my business in the past year or so has been home organization. This is a general term that tactfully describes what is more or less home purging. Organization cannot be achieved until the unnecessary stuff is out the door, period. As I pass post-Irene curbside piles of contents removed from one flooded basement after another my heart first goes out to each homeowner. But then I can't help but wonder why they needed all that stuff in the first place. Extra storage is often not the blessing it appears to be. Whether it's a basement, an attic, a garage, or an extra room (none of which I have), these spaces tend to be a black hole for unnecessary accumulations. Irene was fierce with her purging, destroying the contents of peoples' homes, forcing them to part with whole roomfuls of possessions. My ways are a lot more gentle.

I recently visited a beloved family member (who shall remain nameless) for the first time and was given a tour of her charming home, only to realize that she didn't show me one room along the main hallway. The door was shut and she breezed by it in such a hurried manner that I knew she was guilty of something. With some urging, she finally showed me the guest room/closet/storage room and this is what lay within:

I knew I would not be able to enjoy the meal she was about to make if I just re-shut the door and kept walking. I begged for ONE HOUR in the room (with the help of my mom who was also visiting). The goal was to make it possible to walk into the room and decrease the visual chaos so that the homeowner wouldn't risk a heart attack every time she passed the room. WIth hurricane-like fervor, we tore through the room, sorted scattered items into a half dozen boxes that could later be sorted and purged one at a time, cleared the floor and desk surfaces, and when the timer went off 60 minutes later, these were the results:

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Etsy Love: Baby Green Shop

The break is over! I'm newly recommitted. Sometimes a blog and a blogger just need a little time apart - forced, in this case, by a fried laptop, some personal heart break, and the need to hit the road before the summer came to a close - but I'm back and more inspired than ever. I promise never to leave you again, dear blog. (Side note: I am not a boy, but the image below was too cute to resist.)

One of my admitted recent preoccupations has been getting my own Etsy shop up and running, so of course it's fitting for my Saturday 'Etsy Love' posts to resume with my own Baby Green Shop as the first feature. Consider it a 'beta' version please; it needs more TLC than my technology deprivation has allowed. It does and will continue to feature both vintage housewares and accessories that I stumble upon while sourcing for my interior design clients and gift baskets containing natural baby products and household supplies from Shaklee. Whether you are looking to add a whimsical decorative touch to your house or need the perfect baby shower or housewarming gift, Baby Green Shop on Etsy is your answer. Here are a few of the vintage and eco-friendly goodies that await....

Wooden Napkin Holder with Decoupaged Image of Jesus $9.99

Collectible Vintage Pyrex Ovenware in Orange & White $15.99

Japanese Earthenware Sake Set with Platter, Pitcher & 8 Sake Cups $19.99

Custom-order Baby Shower Basket with Organic Cotton Washcloth, Shakleebaby Gentle Wash & Shakleebaby Diaper Rash Cream in a Vintage Basket $50.00

Sunday, August 14, 2011

On a 'break'

So, I just wanted to spread the official word that my blog and I are on a "break," as they say. No, I'm not seeing any other blogs in the meantime. And in this case, it truthfully is ME. (Actually it's my Powerbook's logic board that had a permanent meltdown.) Lots of soul searching, road trips, magazine catch-up time and design project installations lately, so when my blog and I do get back together, we'll have so much to share. Stay tuned....


Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Color: Silver

They say that every cloud has a silver lining. Having hit a few bumps in the road of life myself recently, I'm doing my best to see the silver not the storm. So I chose this powerful hue for today's Monday Color post, in the spirit of eternal optimism and storms that cleanse, but don't destroy. Take a peek below to see if your interiors could use the hint of the positive perspective and uplifting shine that only silver delivers.

Images above:

1. Metallic wallpaper, complimented by blue-gray upholstery and a lucite and silver chandelier (from Decor Pad).

2. Silver crib, curtains and accents in a glamourous nursery, from Baby Lifestyles.

3. My personal favorite: metalic textured wallcoverings provide perfect contrast to rustic workspace furnishings.

4. Silver-leafed walls add richness to this room designed by Jeffrey Bilhuber, found on The French Eye blog.

5. The silver sheen of a silk rug and velvet upholstery dresses up this otherwise traditional interior, found on nissandra.com.

6. Wide metallic silver stripes are a modern touch in this serene bedroom.

7. Daring silver upholstered pieces make an eclectic mix with these unique vintage finds.

8. Classic architectural paneling gets a funky makeover with a coat of silver paint, below metallic accent wallpaper, found on Bite Home.

9. Haute House Sequin Safari Ottomans from Neiman Marcus.

10. Antiqued mercury glass and silvery brown shade make up Crate & Barrel's Jolie Table Lamp.

11. Silk dupioni pillow cover with silver beading from The Home Centric on Etsy.

12. Mirrored Dresser from Anthropologie.

13. Zuo Modern's funky Aristocrat Sofa in silver leatherette, from www.homeclick.com