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Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Color: Kelly Green

Ok, so it's no longer Monday. But this celebration of Kelly Green had to be postponed one day so that it could see the light on my friend Cat's birthday. She is the world's biggest champion of Kelly Green, from her sassy green Chanel bag, to her trusty emerald colored wallet, to the vibrant accents of the hue throughout her Manhattan studio apartment. If Kelly Green were a man, she would marry him.

Speaking of marriage, the color also happens to be prominent in the Spring-inspired palette of another friend's upcoming wedding so I've been deeply ensconced in a Kelly Green bridesmaid dress search. And then there's St. Patty's Day just around the corner, and in the West End of Long Beach, NY that's bigger than Christmas.

Images above:

1. A close-up of a master bedroom I designed with my former re:place staff in Watermill, NY featuring Schumacher's House of KWID Imperial Trellis in Trelliage/Ivory.

2. The signature color of one of my favorite hotels, The Viceroy Santa Monica, Kelly Green is used in small pops and large doses throughout the property, including the lobby bathrooms that make a strong green, black and white statement.

3. The color feels fun yet sophisticated in a baby's room, as seen in this nursery on decorpad.com.

4. What a surprising pop of color on this porch featured in Coastal Living (photo by Jean Allsop).

5. Kelly Green brings a retro feel to this kitchen (found on Apartment Therapy Chicago) sans the avacado or orange.

6. Last year, Electrolux teamed up with Kelly Rippa for an Earth Day promotion, featuring a giveaway of this cheery Kelly Green front-loading washer and dryer pair. The color is sadly no longer available, but Red Hot Red, Mediterranean Blue and Turquoise Sky are close runner-ups.

7. The stunning Hollywood Bed in green from Room Service in Los Angeles.

8. Kelly Green Waverly Cross Section Decorative Throw Pillow from Asmus Home Interiors, on Etsy.

9. Not ready for Kelly Green kitchen cabinets? This dish rack brings fun to a commonly futile function, adding just a touch of green to any kitchen. Dish Doctor by Magis, available through the Conran Shop.

10. Maybe for Cat's birthday next year?? Personalizable iphone case by Pantone, available in an assortment of colors.