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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Ever since the 2nd Amendment took hold, a large percentage of our country has remained proudly and legally self-armed. However, gun ownership has shown a steady decline in the last few decades down to an estimated 1/4 of U.S. adults owning a legal firearm (clearly, it's difficult to obtain statistics on the very large number of illegally sold and possessed firearms). But that's still no small thing with approximately 4.5 million new nonmilitary guns and about 2 million secondhand firearms sold every year. In the past few years I've noticed the design world adopting firearm motifs in home decor more than ever, visually celebrating of this vital part of Americana, regardless of the decline in those choosing to bear arms. From the downright kitschy to the design icon, firearms have found their way into our homes in a whole new way.

Gun Grip Door Handles found on Geekologie.

A gun table lamp from the Philippe Starck Collection for Flos.

Pistol Cabinet Hardware from Billy Blue 22 on Etsy.

Ruger Mark II MK512 Shower Curtain from Eternal Art, also on Etsy.

Gun-shaped Egg Fryers from Island Dogs, available on Amazon.

Gun Stand Coat Rack from Collections Etc.

Porcelaine Pistols by Yvonne Lee Schultz, via Swag Like Me.