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Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Color: Cobalt Blue

As my Christmas spirit is forced into high gear by my six year old, I wanted to turn away from the blur of reds and greens for a moment and focus on one of my favorite colors, and also the hue associated with the even faster approacher Hanukkah holiday: Cobalt Blue. Cobalt is bold and intense but not totally without the soothing properties of the blue family. Like all blues, it is also incredibly versatile but makes especially good partners with light neutrals and its warm color wheel opposites like a pinky salmon and rust orange. Whether you're dusting off your blue decorations and Menorah in preparation for the festival of lights or just a fan of the hue like I am, please read on to see the many facets of striking Cobalt Blue.

Images above:

1. A stunning high-gloss entryway from Elle Decor.

2. Pops of Cobalt Blue in a sea of white and light neutrals found on cococozy.com.

3. Accents of Cobalt Blue again, but this time against loads of complimentary orange hues (from Decor Pad).

4. I love the way this kitchen is pulled from the blue and white china held in its colorful cabinets (from Attic Mag).

5. A vignette from an all-Cobalt bedroom, found on StudioTen25's blog.

6. This image on That Bohemian Girl proves that Cobalt Blue makes a beautiful backdrop for virtually any hue.

7. An inspirational post on The Design Traveller showing the more dramatic side of Cobalt.

8. Another collage of blues found on Interiorly.

9. A Cobalt Blue sofa is the signature piece in this eclectic living room, found on Tile Tramp.

10. A simple yet festive Hanukkah table setting found on the Cote De Texas blog.

11. Ginger Cobalt Side Table from Crate & Barrel.

12. Set of 20 Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments in Cobalt Blue from Meijer.

13. KitchenAid's Artisan Mixer in Cobalt Blue available on Amazon.

14. Creatures A-Z Print in Cobalt Blue by Bond and Noble, available from Garrendenny Lane.

15. Recycled Glass Cobalt Blue 15 1/2" Star Dish by Traders & Company, available from Amazon.com.

16. Blue leather Howell Wingback Chair from Anthropologie.

17. Blue Wood Mantel Clock from West Elm, also available in 3 other colors.