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Monday, January 3, 2011


Dear Friends, Family & Blog Followers,

I hope that 2011 is off to a inspired, joyous start for each and every one of you. While I'm not much of a Hallmark holiday girl myself, I do cherish the turning of the calendar each year as a time to celebrate the accomplishments of the passing year, create my intentions for the months ahead and proceed forward with refreshed purpose and inspiration. My first moments of 2011 were spent in Pennsylvania with my son, my beloved parents, and my aunt and her husband, led in celebration by my five year old whose fervor for staying awake till midnight and "partying down" put all of us old people to shame. But it was a beautiful reminder of my need to appreciate and rejoice in each little moment, like my son so innocently and naturally does. Streamers, noisemakers and hats he insisted on to ring in the New Year may not be an appropriate addition to daily life, but the sentiment of enjoyment and gratitude can still be the same (and who says I can't bang pots and cheer on the inside?!).

In the spirit of the New Year, I wanted to announce the official launch of my business Baby Green and its new website http://babygreendesign.net/ Baby Green has been in incubation stages since I closed down re:place last year and has now been officially birthed, signifying the first baby step toward my calling of transformative design, home detoxification, organizing and educating.....alongside my renewed pursuit of expression through the written word (personally through this blog and commercially through all my awesome writing clients). Please forward the website link to anyone you know who needs some greening or organizing as the New Year unfolds (I'm offering sizable New Year's Resolution discounts right now!).....peaceful, purged, well-organized spaces like those below are an invaluable foundation for transformation in all areas of life.

2010 brought about profound change for me personally and professionally and I embrace the start of 2011 for all the continued evolution it will bring and all the beautiful people I will be able to share it with. (Insert confetti poppers and noisemakers here.)

With love and gratitude,