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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Etsy Love: Dagmar's Designs

The only thing I love more than creative, eco-friendly, handmade treasures is a good story behind them. Dagmar, of Dagmar's Designs, grew up in communist Europe where artistic expression was stifled, to say the least. Her mother bought Dagmar her first sewing machine at age 13 and she proceeded to fill the void for fashionable, trendy clothing for herself in her birthplace of Slovakia. Fast forward a few decades, and Dagmar now lives in Canada with her husband and two children where she flourishes as a designer and craftswoman, once out of need, now out of passion.

Vintage buttons and fabrics on 100% organic cotton canvas means this Owl Family Pillow would be the 2nd cutest thing in your nursery!!

As someone who believes that no box of tissue should be without a cover, I'm loving Dagmar's ingenious 100% organic cotton canvas tissue cover (custom designs and sizes available).

Combining organic cotton canvas, lamp sheep fleece, and bits of wool felt and printed organic cotton, this Green Sleeping Birdie Pillow is green in more ways than one.

Wishing I had a daughter right now!! These wool felt hair clips are adorable (other styles available) and completely glue-free!