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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's About Time!

I have decided that my 6 year old is ready to wake himself up in the morning, so it's alarm clock shopping time!! Of course I want to find something adorable that fits the style of his room, while effectively getting him to jump out of bed right on time. I personally use my blackberry's alarm although most mornings my eyes open wide long before it goes off. But this will be a new discipline for him, so it must again be effective but not agonizingly painful. Here are a few of the cute and practical options I'm considering:

Retro and youthful:
Talking Animal Alarm Clocks from Land of Nod (Green Frog, Orange Cat, Blue Dog each with their corresponding animal sounds).

Gentle and sweet:
Early Bird Alarm Clock from Perpetual Kid.

Modern and Minimalist:
Neewer Modern White Wood USB Cube Alarm Clock from Amazon.

The educational multi-tasker:
Teach Me Time Alarm Clock from Inventive Parents.

Combining my son's love of soccer and Legos:
Lego Kids Soccer Stadium Alarm Clock available at Toy Country.

Toning the Lego theme down a bit:
Digital Lego Alarm Clock/Radio in Yellow from Target.