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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

All work, all play.....

Oh my poor dear neglected blog, I miss you so!! But I'm spending all my time mothering and designing and playing and Etsy-ing, so my chances to sit down and post are few and far between. But my son's been extra good tonight and has just sat down to an hour of the Fox Soccer channel, so I thought I'd throw up some of my fun research for a new commercial project I just landed. I'm designing the playroom at a TriBeCa development called Warren Lofts, following the inspiration of the imaginative suburban backyard playhouse for the design of the space. I'm finding a plethora of exterior shots that have me waxing nostalgic about the playful escape I never had, but only a few interior shots, so I guess I have to ride on my own imagination for that. I'm thinking wood-clad walls, lots of nooks and crannies, and stickers. The developer mentioned a vintage arcade game and I'm dreaming about the retro fabrics I'll source for the custom upholstered pieces. Here's what I've found so far (with the very last image going on the "Don't" list!!)