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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Classic Kids Games

With Winter Break just around the corner and not a snowball left in sight to throw, I thought I'd round up a few playtime suggestions, bringing back some classics to a generation who has never known a day with the world wide web or microwaved food. This list features both my son's most beloved games and a nostalgic look back at my own childhood favorites.

Lincoln Logs were always one of my favorite (guess I've been into home design for a loooong time!)

Tinker Toy Sets stretch the imagination of any child.

The engaging African counting game Mancala in an eco-friendly Bamboo version!!

Old or young, who doesn't love Twister?!?

Classic Monopoly is a favorite in our household, not only increasing the entrepreneurial skills ever 5 year old needs, but improving basics like addition and counting too.

Jenga engages hand-eye coordination, strategy skills and patience like no other.

Masters of old school kids games and toys that will be tomorrow's classics, Melissa and Doug's version of Pick up Sticks is beautiful.