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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shop Japan: Yaginoyama

The pervasive news coverage of the catastrophe in Japan may have subsided a bit, but it's up to everyone to continue the prayers, the support and the generosity we've shown to date. So much more is needed. I heard on the radio yesterday that Gwen Stefani donated one million dollars to Japanese relief efforts. Amazing.

As mentioned in previous posts, I'm using my retail powers and blog roll to aid the cause (in addition to giving what I could monetarily through Global Giving). One quaint little online Japanese store called Yaginoyama has gained worldwide recent exposure, including a post about their wares by Anne Sage, editor of Rue Magazine and The City Sage. Click here for her piece on the unique retailer, who is currently giving 10% of every purchase to the Japanese Red Cross. Be sure to check out their website; it's adorable and minimalist in a way that only the Japanese have perfected. Here are a few of my Yaginoyama favorites:

Sora Tea Pot

Handmade pottery Jug

Soy Sauce Pot

SyruRo Tea Canister

Painted Wooden Childrens Plates