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Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th - Superstitions as Decorations

Friday the 13th is here and since I'm not very superstitious myself, I've decided to celebrate the most common folkloric phobias and anecdotes from the bad luck black cats are supposed to bring to the good fortune of horseshoes. With a whopping three Friday the 13th's falling in the 2012 calendar, maybe I should consider being a little less flippant and a little more cautious this year. (Knock on wood, that is.)

A whole wall of intentionally broken mirror from Living Etc, via Aw Snips.

Two of the many brilliant umbrella art installations by Crooked Brains.

From a post on Elements at Home featuring intriguing ways to decorate with ladders, some safely against the wall, some just beckoning to be walked underneath like this one.

Tempt fate every day with the Sigg Black Cat Silhouette Water Bottle.

The aged concrete floors of this Toronto, CA auto repair shop converted into a relaxed modern home leaves plenty of floor cracks over which to step, but I think these are of the lucky kind. (Design by Levitt Goodman Architects, found on Plastolux.)

Put this symbol of good fortune to good use. (Authentic Used Horseshoe Triple Hook from Trailwood Western Store.)