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Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Color: Graphite & Walnut

I admit that today's Monday Color combination of Graphite & Walnut sounds more like the available color options for a J. Crew sweater than anything interior-related, but I've learned two things this year in my blogging adventures: posting about combinations of hues I'm using in current projects is a real time-saver for this busy designer/blogger and applying color names borrowed from unrelated objects boosts the search engine hits! Alas, all the sleuthing for this post was done on billable client time. And as the big catalog copywriters already know, Graphite is a much sexier way to refer to Gray, simultaneously casting a much wider google net. I do not consider any of this to be cheating, just efficiency.

Images above:

1. This is the office I designed in a 2008 model apartment that caught my current client's eye for her own study. In our first meeting she literally slid the photo across the table and said "I want this." Her own personalized version is in the works, and I must admit it's very flattering to use my own past work as new project inspiration!!

2. The possibilities for drama when these two dark neutrals collide are endless, as evidenced in this living room (that I believe is from Lonny).

3. A kitchen designed by SB Architects found on homedesigncorp.com that exemplifies today's colors through materials only: natural steel, concrete and wood. (Oh and I love the assigned counter seating!!)

4. Natural wood, subdued gray and industrial vintage touches make this home office found on www.homeportfolio.comhttp://www.homeportfolio.com classically masculine.

5. A warm gray and an abundance of wood and eclectic curiosities smack the boredom out of this neutral boys room (from the Beautiful Living blog).

6. An array of severe graphite and deep brown tones are softened by texture and sculptural furnishings in this study.

7. On the lighter side, I've been obsessed with this audiophile-friendly sitting room designed by Brad Ford for last year's Kip's Bay Showhouse.

8. The ashen grays and warm wood tones on the Scorched Timber Lamp from Anthropologie prove that Mother Nature created this color combo long before man.

9. Brown branches on a field of gray that suggests a hazy winter's sky is a moody, modern touch for any room (Surya Contempo Rug available at boldrugs.com)

10. Original nature photograph from raceytay on Etsy.

11. Ikat fans who are afraid of color can rejoice in the subdued palette of the Azaka fabric in Quartz from Schindler's Fabrics.

12. Crate & Barrel's stunning, mid-century inspired walnut and steel Clybourn Desk.

13. This is the soft yet textural graphite linen wallcovering from Innovations that will adorn the walls of my client's study.