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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1st NY Plastic Bag Ban!!

Knowing I wasn't the least bit concerned with all the buzz about the royal wedding, one of my friends shared this recent news with me while waiting to pick up our sons from school last Friday: Southampton Village in eastern Long Island passed a plastic bag ban! Now, that's so much more newsworthy in my opinion! Here are all the details in the Southampton Patch online coverage. This is such a positive step into a more sustainable, responsible future and I sincerely hope other towns, villages and cities nationwide will seek to adopt the same legislation, despite the false protests and "plastic advocates" like those who fought this Southampton Village bill in vain. I especially love the sentiment that this is not a paper vs. plastics debate, but rather a "bring-your-own-bag" mandate. Mark my words, I am NOT one to believe in over-legislation, but we are grossly behind other parts of the world in our environmental laws, and plastic bag bans are LONG OVERDUE. The sting of inconvenience and forced changed might hurt a little at first, but incorporating reusable bags into daily life is just like any other habit. Congrats to the people of Southampton!! Hopefully Long Beach will follow suit.

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