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Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Color: Tangerine Tango & White

Happy New Year to one and all! I love the energy I feel in the air when January begins each year; most people let out a sigh of relief that the busy holiday season is over and are bubbling over with enthusiasm for the changes they envision themselves making with the fresh start of a new year. My son and I both made a long list of New Years Intentions this year (Resolutions sounds harsh to me, so I've been opting for the language of Intentions for years). His include advancing from blue belt to brown belt in karate and getting 100 households in our town of Long Beach to stop using single-use plastic bags. He melts my heart. Mine range from getting back into a regular workout routine to finally utilizing my Spanish Rosetta Stone that's been in a drawer for 5 years.

My Monday Color posts are also get a fresh new start, featuring color combinations in 2012 instead of single hues. I don't know where that will leave me when 2013 rolls around, but I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it!!

A while back Pantone announced that Tangerine Tango would be the color of the year for 2012 and I wholeheartedly applauded. I love the fresh energy of this vibrant reddish orange, especially when paired with crisp white, a color combination that feels very aligned with my enthusiasm for all the great things that are in store this year.

A nostalgic nod to the color's retro past from Design Addict Mom on Tumblr.

A cozy nook from Apartment Therapy's post on Pantone's Tangerine Tango.

A delicious tangerine and white bedroom in designer Mona Ross Berman's New Jersey home (check out those amazing floors!), from House Beautiful.

These vibrant doors framed with crisp white trim have me thinking that maybe my yellow and white entrance needs a makeover.

A bright orange claw foot tub blends right in with this otherwise neutral but eclectic bathroom design, found on Caribbean Living.

The stools in this all-white kitchen found on Klaff's design blog, shows what a tiny dose of tangerine can do in a space.

This living room found on the New England Fine Living blog is another example of how just a few bright accents (a leather pouf, a throw, and an oriental rug with accents of orange) can truly transform a neutral space.

Conversely, India Hicks ups the boldness of Tangerine Tango on slipcovered chairs by tossing in fuchsia and bright yellow too in her home.

CB2's Parlour Chair in Tangerine.

Add a pop to your white walls with Chiasso's Dish Wall Art Set in orange.

For those who are really timid about bold color, perhaps you can start small with desk accessories like this stapler by ANYTHING (available from Lumens.com).

Rachel Ray's Round & Square Dinnerware Set in tangerine.

A half dozen 22" - 28" long tangerine orange feathers could be a show-stopper grouped in a modern white vase (available at Save on Crafts).

Madeline Weinrib's Keri Rug in Coral.

This lustworthy orange mirror is vintage and from Vamp in faraway Capetown, so unless you're boarding a South African-bound place tomorrow, it could be out of reach. However any ornate mirror found at a flea market or garage sale plus a can of Benjamin Moore's Flame would create a pretty good stand-in.