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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Short Water Pitcher Filter Story

I changed the filter in my Get Clean® Water pitcher last night and was shocked to see the rusty colored yuckiness it had successfully kept out of the last 80 gallons of water I consumed (the image above features the old filter and a brand new unused one side-by-side).

I have lived in Long Beach, New York for two and a half years now and have certainly noticed that the bath and toilet water run a little brown every so often, but I had never noticed this at the kitchen tap. I decided I needed to learn exactly what this discoloration could mean, since recently published water quality tests in our town had shown no violations in copper, lead or iron levels (although they are present in every sample tested which is why I'm adamant about filtering my water). I hit the internet to learn more and, according to this report on the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection website, orange or brown water simply means rust, either within my home's pipes or in the town water mains. It is also likely that the metal compound that's rusting is Iron. Because the discoloration in my home is inconsistent, it is likely in the town lines and there's probably little I can do about it. According to Livestrong.com, low Iron levels commonly found in drinking water do not pose a toxicity risk, and usually only cause the aggravation of stained bath fixtures or wash loads, as well as a metallic taste in unfiltered drinking water.

But I'm of the "better safe than sorry" mindset and will continue to filter the nearly 200 ounces of water I drink every day. Of additional concern is that for the 2+ years that I used a Brita filtration pitcher, I never saw a collection of such sediment, making me extra glad I switched over to Shaklee's pitcher, which is certified to reduce 3 times as many contaminants as Brita or PUR systems and the only pitcher filter on the market that removes lead when present. I popped the new carbon filter into place, poured myself a glass of water before bed, and slept a whole lot easier.

While supplies last, Shaklee is offering A Year of Cleaner, Healthier Water, which includes a BPA-free 10 cup Get Clean Water Pitcher, Refillable Filter Housing Kit, and a Water Filter 3-Pack, all in a free gift box at the special price of $117.65 (or $99.95 for members).