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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Esty Love: Valentines Edition

If I had a Valentine, or gave a crap about yet another bogus consumerist Hallmark holiday (ok, maybe I'm a little bitter), then here are the a few of the unique, decidedly UN-Hallmark treasures from Etsy I'd consider giving or might be keen on receiving, alongside a lovingly prepared breakfast in bed of course. Perhaps my future beau is taking notes for next year.....

I Love You 8x8 Photo Print by Sherri Conley.

Natural Driftwood Heart from Tidal Creations.

5x7 Vintage Heart Anatomy from Encyclomedia Town.

Key Heart Necklace from Tara Jackson Jewelry.

Owl Heart Platter by Black Baroque.

Handmade Heart-shaped Bowls by JD Wolfe Pottery.

I'd swoon over just about anything wrapped in some old newspaper and this I Love You Ribbon from The Lonely Heart.