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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In the details.....

When I fled the city nearly 3 years ago, I purged almost everything in favor of a new minimalist lifestyle and a completely fresh start. It's been intriguing to see what new things have made their way onto my still mostly bare walls and onto a few little surfaces in each room of my house. I think the consideration of these little details is what separates us designers and creative folks from everyone else. And my stringent editing process has resulted in selected treasures that all express me and my personality perfectly.

I found this chunk of glass in a Brooklyn flea market just prior to making the move to Long Beach, not knowing I'd soon be renting a pale blue and white kitchen for it to compliment perfectly. I love catching a glimpse of this collection of utility and beauty every day.

I had 100's of books in the city and left most of them behind, sold or donated accordingly. But these few tomes of great design and conscious living made the move with me and share a special perch in my office, aside the calm of a bronze Buddha, 70's era bookends, and two rocks found in the Loyal Sock Creek in Pennsylvania.

On my living room credenza sits only a TV, cable box and these two items: a vintage sewing basket that conceals remote controls and a framed flea market embroidery piece that of course reads "Home is where the heart is."

The small ceramic green box is the only one of these items in the front sunroom of my house came with me from the city. I adopted the gate leg table, the found branch, the thrift store art piece, and the glass lamp over the years, one at a time.

Just like the kitchen vignette my eyes land on daily, I love seeing these two shelves in my bathroom every morning, made haphazardly from found driftwood pieces (one of which had a former life as a cutting board). Another buddha, a Conk shell, and some practical items rest on the shelves, while my few necklaces and a feather hair piece a good friend gave me dangle below.