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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I love music just about as much as our dear Mother Earth, so I was thrilled to discover the new Vers Earphones (pictured). They are available in sustainably harvested walnut or cherry hard woods or fast-growing bamboo. The completely PVC-free design features ear buds with "in-ear passive noise cancellation design [that] blocks 90% of the surrounding sound, assuring an ideal acoustic experience in any environment." So I guess this means that screaming babies on airplanes can now be drowned out without needing to lug around headphones the size of a carry-on.

And when you get back home, pop your iPod or iPhone onto this AM/FM radio/alarm for 15 watts of full, rich sound (also by Vers, shown here with Bamboo housing).

(As you can see from the photo above, Ryder and I already rock out with the older version of the bamboo Vers iPod player.)

Finally, for a lo-fi beach party (and a little upper body workout), check out the crank-powered Safe Bamboo Radio designed by Pierre Garner and Elise Berthier (available through MoMa). Two minutes of cranking provides thirty minutes of eco-friendly tunes, via radio or by connecting your mp3 player.