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Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Color: Thanksgiving

Yes, I know that Thanksgiving is not a color. But let's face it, I'm running low on single color choices (I think 2012 Monday Color posts will have to feature color pairings....woo too!), however when I close my eyes and think of Thanksgiving, there is definitely a palette of hues that comes to mind. It is this same essence of Thanksgiving that makes it my favorite holiday hands down....a warm glow of food and family and crackling fireplaces, flushed cheeks and full bellies, and the remaining glimpses of Autumn turning into Winter outside our windows. I've mentioned before that aside from the arguable history behind the tradition, I love Thanksgiving because it is one of few non-religious holidays that has no commercial agenda (unless you count the boom in poultry sales); you are not required to give cards or presents, or don a costume, you simply get together with family, sharing company and a deliciously endless feast. And to me, that's inspiring.

Images above:

1. Turkey decorations made from all-natural materials seen on All Home Decors.

2. An earthy seasonal table setting from Haute Living.

3. A beautiful farmhouse-style Thanksgiving found on Nice Home Decor (this look is going in my 'dream house' files for sure!).

4. I love the lighter Fall-inspired colors in this tablescape.

5. An inspiring example of last year's Hostess With the Mostess Thanksgiving entertaining and decor ideas.

6. A simple table setting with brilliant Fall leaves from Martha Stewart.

7. A beautifully simply bittersweet wreath.

8. Thanksgiving Stacking Boxes available from Terry's Village.

9. Warm, honey-colored Smoked Glassware from West Elm.

10. A dried Wheat Bundle from www.drieddecor.com

11. Add some earthy colored pattern to your living room or bed with the Ezra Pillow from Crate & Barrel.

12. Maize photographic print by James Linton Sain from Z Gallerie.

13. Toss some fallen branches into a rustic vase like this Clay Vase with Rattan Trim and your table is instantly Thanksgiving-ready.