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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Etsy Love: Baby Green Shop

The break is over! I'm newly recommitted. Sometimes a blog and a blogger just need a little time apart - forced, in this case, by a fried laptop, some personal heart break, and the need to hit the road before the summer came to a close - but I'm back and more inspired than ever. I promise never to leave you again, dear blog. (Side note: I am not a boy, but the image below was too cute to resist.)

One of my admitted recent preoccupations has been getting my own Etsy shop up and running, so of course it's fitting for my Saturday 'Etsy Love' posts to resume with my own Baby Green Shop as the first feature. Consider it a 'beta' version please; it needs more TLC than my technology deprivation has allowed. It does and will continue to feature both vintage housewares and accessories that I stumble upon while sourcing for my interior design clients and gift baskets containing natural baby products and household supplies from Shaklee. Whether you are looking to add a whimsical decorative touch to your house or need the perfect baby shower or housewarming gift, Baby Green Shop on Etsy is your answer. Here are a few of the vintage and eco-friendly goodies that await....

Wooden Napkin Holder with Decoupaged Image of Jesus $9.99

Collectible Vintage Pyrex Ovenware in Orange & White $15.99

Japanese Earthenware Sake Set with Platter, Pitcher & 8 Sake Cups $19.99

Custom-order Baby Shower Basket with Organic Cotton Washcloth, Shakleebaby Gentle Wash & Shakleebaby Diaper Rash Cream in a Vintage Basket $50.00