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Sunday, February 13, 2011


I spend a lot of time at my computer as a writer, designer and novice Star Wars video game player (thanks to my 5 year old who strangely prefers to watch me fly through the galaxy and shoot down the attackers rather than do so himself). My aging Powerbook has a few nicks and scratches and my mouse is the type that actually plugs in, almost an antique now I believe. I recently upgraded my mousepad from a dingy old giveaway to an adorable new cork pad from Corkologie. Funny how a little detail can make such a big difference. I lay eyes on it dozens of times a day, and my trusty mouse relies on it to perform its basic function, so it ought to be as stylish as it is functional. And as a bonus, it kept wine bottle cork production scraps out of our landfills and reminds me of my environmental missions at every glance. That's a lot of achievements for an 8" circle of compressed tree bark.

Home Sweet Earth and Live Local are two of the 6 designs Corkologie offers, all priced at $7.99.