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Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Color: White

I didn't know what color I wanted to feature today until I opened my daily City Sage email and saw Keri Russell's Brooklyn Brownstone (check out the gorgeous living room below or the whole post in the link). Her clean spaces awash in mostly pure white flicked on that little light bulb in my head. White linen, white plaster, white woodwork, white, white, white....what a beautiful non-color that evokes total serenity in such a simple, effortless way.

Images above:

1. Two images from Keri Russel's inspiring Brooklyn brownstone, from The City Sage.

2. I'm crazy about wide-plank wood floors, but covered in white they bring an instant feeling of calm to this space, posted on Swank Lighting's Blog.

3. Your memories and collections come to life on an all-white back-drop, while not looking overwhelmingly cluttered or messy.

4. Ok, I could sit on a wooden crate and enjoy this seaside home and its panoramic views, but the all-white scheme enhances the "aaaahh" factor.

5. An eclectic all-white baby's room.

6. Pure White Ceramic Vase Collection from West Elm let's you create an all-white grouping even if you don't have time for numerous flea market hunts.

7. For white furniture, slipcovered seating is the most practical way to go. I love the Aris Grand Sofa from Crate & Barrel for its generous, relaxed proportions and eco-friendly materials.

8. Machine-washable Shaggy Raggy White Cotton Jersey Area Rug, available from Posh Tots.

9. Black and white nature-themed photographs, like this horse print from Tailed Blue Photos, harmonize with all-white interiors but add additional energy and life.