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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Old School

With only 17 days until our kiddos head back to school here in Long Beach, NY (*gasp!*) I'm busy gathering up the required school supplies to meet the first bell just in time, which means I'm doing far better than I did last year when I was staring at nearly bare shelves in three different big box stores the day before school resumed. And also different from last year's last minute nightmare, I've committed to buying only environmentally friendly school supplies for my son this year, checking off every item on the list with recycled, sustainable or nontoxic products. In my book, what's the sense in educating our children for the future while we trash the planet that beholds that very future?!? Here's a sampling of what made my cut (P.S. I ordered most items from Amazon to reduce packaging or bought them in person, but have listed individual sources here as well just to be fair):

Processed without chlorine, and containing 100% recycled paper, I don't mind how many of these New Leaf Composition Notebooks my son goes through this school year ($4.99 each).

To help me stick to my eco-friendly shopping goals, these Coccoina Glue Sticks are solvent and petroleum free, and smell vaguely of sweet almond ($3.95 from www.theultimategreenstore.com).

Even if homework gets harder this year, these Paper Mate's Earth Write 100% Recycled Pencils with non-smudge erasers are easy on the planet ($7.89/box of 48 at Office Depot).

Treesmart offers several sets of tree-free recycled newspaper pencil sets including this great conventional colored pencil alternative: tube of 12 ($5.95).

Storex Pocket Folders are made from post-consumer recycled poly ($1.99 each at Staples) so they definitely make the grade in durability.

Despite the supply list mandating laminated or otherwise tough-wearing folders like those above, I couldn't resist a few of these New Leaf Reborn Refuse Recycled Two Pocket Folders when filling my Amazon cart ($4.99 each).

Fiskars 5" Kids Recycled Blunt Scissors are safe for kids but get the job done, featuring comfy 100% recycled handles and recycled packaging ($3.99 each).

Get Clean Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Wipes tackle all the messes my 2nd grader can make without any of the harmful chemicals ($9.10).

There are no binders on the 2nd grade supply list, but older children will surely need a few of these customizable Project Binders from Naked Binder, made of 100% post-consumer waste recycled book board and 100% cotton cloth binding in a wide array of colors ($7.50 - $10.00).