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Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Color: Pine Green

I know, I know, it's getting a little ridiculous that I keep infusing my eco-principles into my Monday Color posts, but we all must draw our inspiration from somewhere, right? And I have mentioned a few times that I seem to be running out of colors to feature.

The hot topic around my house right now is whether or not to get a real Christmas tree. I'm opposed of course. Not against buying a tree that was farmed and cut for that purpose, but because of what happens to it after we enjoy it for a few weeks. Drive around most neighborhoods in early January on garbage day and you'll see piles of discarded trees bound for the landfill. That's not cool. But my six year old son wants a tree, so I'm obligated to at least consider the options. Real tree with roots and all that can be planted after the holidays? An artificial tree many feet taller than the puny one we had all the years we lived in the city that can be used again and again? A cut tree that we take to the chipper or other appropriate recycler in the new year? Or something 100% tree-free and totally creative? Of course I'm leaning toward the latter, but not having much luck swaying my little boy.

So, I'm just going to go ahead and embrace the mighty pine tree today, at least for this post (and because I may soon be welcoming one into my home). The green that I most associate with conifers of the Northeast where I'm from is a cold dark green with a tint of blue-gray in it, like the Douglas Fir, one of the most common species grown as Christmas trees. Pine Green has been an official Crayola Crayon color since 1949 - I did not know this! While other shades of green seem to be more popular in interiors, Pine Green is still a comforting, easy-to-live with hue. Read on to see more.....

Images above:

1. This bedroom found on Interior Design Styles features deep Pine Green painted woodwork with a lighter green and white palette throughout, complimented cheerfully with pops of salmon.

2. A deep Pine Green on lower cabinets lightens in the medium-toned backsplash and pales to a mint green on upper cabinets in this retro-country kitchen.

3. A dark Pine Green wall with turquoise swirls is balanced by bleached wood and lots of white.

4. A cozy dressing room found on housetohome.co.uk.

5. A deep green has an old-world feel on these floor-to-ceiling library shelves (from Katy Elliot).

6. Stunningly rich green tiles in a master bathroom look opulent but yet earthy (found on Attic Mag).

7. Pine Green is a classic home exterior trim color too.

8. Fine Little Day's Gran Wallpaper is available in 6 different color ways.

9. To add a little country kitsch, how about this Pine Tree End Table from Cottage Surroundings?

10. The Mason Jar Snow Globes from Anthropologie have an extra-nostalgic appeal.

11. A clever D.I.Y. holiday door mat from the geniuses at A Beautiful Mess.

12. A reproduction-style mailbox spray painted in Pine Green, as found on Country Living.

13. Glittered Christmas Tree Candle from Z Gallerie.

14. A modern pine print on the Marimekko Manty Green Gift Wrap from Crate & Barrel.

15. Colonial Mills Braided Poly Rectangular Rug in Dark Green; it's synthetic but that means it can be used indoors or out and the braided construction gives it textural interest.

16. Holiday Tree Coasters from Paizley Polkadot's Etsy Shop.