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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Etsy Love: YAVA Glass

Happy Saturday to all!! I've been neglecting my regular Baby Green blog posts this week because it was my little guy's 6th birthday. After all, he's the motivation, inspiration and reason for everything I do here on this blog and in life in general, so he's clearly a worthy distraction.

Anyway, back to blogging......staring with my weekly Etsy Shop favorite: YAVA Glass. Recycling and upcycling glass beverage containers is not a unique concept but YAVA selects bottles with a rare, almost vintage-y flair, resulting in a collection that is ecologically responsible and pure fun. Plus, I love everything about Sedona, AZ, the place where these Etsy purveyors and creative glass recyclers call home.

The Leninade glass is my favorite.

A set of 4 recycled IBC Root Beer bottle glasses. Mmmmm.....I'm suddenly craving a plain slice and a root beer.

Dry Soda bottle glass in Cucumber (other colors available).

Recycled Coca Cola bottle glasses - set of 4.