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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Looking Up: Exploring Painted Ceilings

Painted Ceilings
Inspiration Gallery

When contemplating a painted ceiling, it seems like there are two distinct directions to head in: continuing the wall color upward for an "infinity effect" or making the "5th wall" a color accent all its own. Either way, it's a bold decorating move, creating a huge impact for the cost of a gallon or so of paint (and maybe some aspirin for the stiff neck afterward!).
A few things to consider:
1. If you are isolating a unique color for the ceiling, make sure to test it generously there first in all light conditions (color often appears darker on a ceiling surface than on walls).
2. Rooms with architectural details like paneled ceilings, crown moldings or tray ceilings provide the easiest canvas for color.
3. Ignore what you've heard about the perception of size: a painted ceiling can actually make many rooms feel bigger by diminishing breaks between horizontal and vertical surfaces or drawing the eye upward.

1 Interior by Liz Williams Interiors

2 Decorpad, photo by Sarah Dorio

3 Canadian House and Home

4 Houzz

5 Interior by Christi Holcombe via Charm Home

6 via hamptons.com

7 via The Lennox

8 via Casa Sugar