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Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Color: Avocado Green

Avocados are riddled with misconception: they are a fruit, not a vegetable despite their location in the produce aisle; they may be high in fat, but it's the good kind; and so on. The bright verdant color of their fleshy insides was once a popular decorating color, then gained the opposite reputation, but thankfully has become vogue again. A child of the 70's myself, I've always appreciated pops of this notoriously retro color, especially in updated ways like the rooms and products below reveal.

Images above:

1. A darling room, rich in color and pattern, found on a blog called My Best Friends Little Sister.

2. Avacado was a staple in kitchens and bathrooms decades ago, but this updated white kitchen with warm green peeping out of the cabinets is totally contemporary and fresh. (Found in a brilliant post on Decorologist.)

3. In my own home, an oversized, avocado green John Robshaw pillow inspired the palette for a whole room.

4. A practically perfect nursery found on Decor Pad. If you can take your eyes off the awesome avocado and white wallpaper, check out the treatment around the light!!

5. Classic cast iron Le Creuset Round French Ovens in Spinach

6. Ludoli Bedding Collection from John Robshaw

7. Outdoor Shelter Sectional from cb2.

8. Classic By Nature Modern Owl on Natural Linen Front and Damask Print Back Cushion Cover

9. Color Bee 'All My Loving' Lyrics Poster