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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Etsy Love: enhabiten

Happy holiday weekend, fellow Americans! As the rowdy crowds roll into Long Beach to celebrate our Independence, I find myself reflecting on just what "freedom" means to me. On a national and global level, I really have no idea; it's a loaded ambition that has taken many different shapes over the centuries, but it's not clear that historically anyone has ever really been "free." But let's not get into that.

On a personal level, the question is much easier to answer. Working as my own boss, growing businesses that I love....that is freedom. Making an abundance of calculated choices each day guided by my heartfelt principles....that is freedom. Having the luxury to nourish my body and soul and take care of my son the best way I see fit....that is freedom. Choosing what I stand for and what I think, then standing for it and thinking it fearlessly....that is freedom. Being able to bang out a little work from my home office this morning then enjoy the sun ray's at the beach later this afternoon.....that is freedom. : )

I know I'm not alone in these definitions. It is these same pursuits that shape the lives of many of the creative people I've found on the pages of Etsy, and that is exactly why I decided to create my Saturday 'Etsy Love' posts several months ago: in celebration of personal freedom. Etsy is full of artists, craftspeople and collectors who refuse to join the rat race (at least not 100% of the time) and use the internet as a tool to retain their personal freedom, express themselves and thrive. Perhaps there should be a National Etsy Day slotted into the calendar. Ok, that's probably taking it too far!

Still feeling inspired by my Monday Color post on Indigo, I stumbled across enhabiten, an Etsy shop selling indigo dyed bags, handmade hemp and vintage scrap pillows and an assortment of other unique items. Liane Tyrrel is the independent, creative spirit behind ehabiten, stating only "I am left-handed. I love to swim out deep." in her profile's bio. The goods, pure and eco-friendly, speak for themselves.

The generously sized, eco-friendly Half Moon Bag from enhabiten's new line of hand-dyed indigo bags. I love it's 80's vibe, and how it is one-of-a-kind but as familiar as a favorite pair of jeans.

One of the nostalgic-feeling Log Cabin Zip Cases that Tyrrel makes out of salvaged vintage quilts.

Hand-dyed all-natural wool, vintage fabric scraps and an organic hemp backing are combined to create this sweetly unique and totally eco-friendly throw pillow ( Wool and Salvage Stripe Landscape Pillow).

One of several sizes and designs in the Cross Pillow collection, all made from tea-stained hemp and recycled fabric, containing natural kapok filling.