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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Etsy Love: Down Home Amy

What's not to love about organic cotton and hemp materials, lovingly screen-printed and crafted into handy snack pouches, baby burp cloths and dinner napkins with clever utensil pockets?!? Today's featured Etsy shop, Down Home Amy, is a collection of handmade, parent-friendly eco-housewares that are as adorable as they are useful, solving some key parent dilemmas in true style. Freely feed, burp and dispose....Down Home Amy has got you covered (literally)!!

Machine washable, recycled organic cotton and hemp Snack Pouch makes a great eco-friendly substitute for some of the plastic containers and baggies that most of us parents stockpile by the dozens.

Unbelievably adorable Set of 2 Organic Cloth Napkins with Pockets (several designs available).

Organic cotton Diaper Pouch with a waterproof lining, essential for cloth diaper users but also handy for wet swimsuits after summer day camp or romps at the beach.

Set of 2 Organic Burp Cloths are incredibly soft yet absorbent.