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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Table Matters (one of the zillion things I've been up to)

So sad, but no time to blog these days. However, I had to jump on and boast a bit about a reclaimed wood table I just designed and had commissioned for a design client in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The creative and talented Spiro Hamezopoulos made magic out of the dingy wood planks and vintage table bases I dropped off at the doorstep of his shop. A few days later and this beautiful table and set of benches emerged.

The fluffy-approved end product.

My client's are still renovating their Brooklyn home, but this table makes it feel so much more like home.

Reclaim wood, lightly sanded, and gently finished = stunning!!

A glimpse at the wood before Spiro got his hands on it.

An in-progress shot.