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Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Color: Lavender

I recently noticed that my Monday Color blog posts have yet to feature any tones of purple which is not a surprise given my personal aversions to the hue. Even though purple has been revered in royal and religious traditions throughout time and its paler counterparts are stunning when found in nature's blossoms (think: lilac bushes, fields of lavender, patches of tiny violets), it's never been an easy color on my own eyes. But through the course of my vigilant sleuthing for this post I must admit that I have softened, coming to the conclusion that lavender IS a great color. With just the right amount of gray in a lavender wall, it can read almost neutral. It can live in balanced harmony with wood tones and its more serious color cousins, but can also have a glamorous, red-carpet persona when paired with the right accessories. Take a look at the many faces of lavender that have changed my mind for sure.....

Images above:

1. This clean white and lavender South Hampton bedroom scheme mixes traditional elements with modern accents (found in House Beautiful, interior design by Kim Coleman and Michele Green, photograph by James Merrell).

2. A sophisticated cool palette of white and blue, with perfect symmetry to spare, gets softened by the oversized lavender modern art piece above the sofa in this beautiful living room.

3. The paneling, crown moulding, lavender walls and lush ultra suede settee all ooze with opulence, but when mixed with more casual contemporary pieces, the look remains balanced yet interesting. (Dining room designed by Eve Robinson Associates Inc, found on Be Interior Decorator).

4. Lavender walls are easy on the eyes with gray undertones, an abundance of white, and dark purple accents (found on decorpad.com).

5. You barely notice the bold lavender walls in this pattern-heavy, eclectic living with pops of spicy orange-red (found on the blog, The Desk of Annie).

6. These lavender walls almost read as a neutral when playing a supporting role to a bold mix of art and collectibles (found on Eclectic Revisited).

7. Glam accents, black upholstery, and citrus orange pair powerfully with lavender in this room designed by Anne Coyle.

8. The living room of Jessica Stam's Manhattan apartment (from elle decor 2008) is pure perfection - much like the model herself - especially the combination of the warm wood of those giant carved doors against the ladylike lavender walls.

9. Lilac Chi Chi Kari rug from Madeline Weinrib.

10. The Classic Duvet Cover with lavender trim from Pottery Barn Kids is a non-frilly way to bring the hue into a bedroom.

11. Lavender Ceramic Table Lamp from Victoria Lyon Interiors.

12. Lavender Cotton Linen Tea Towel in a stunning ikat fabric designed by Michelle Smith.

13. The Mirage wallpaper from Graham & Brown in Damson (on fireplace wall) features a hazy forest silhouette in a light purple palette that works surprisingly well in a multitude of decor styles.