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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Must read: Undecorate

As a decorator, I was a little hesitant to check out a book called Undecorate. What, are they trying to put me out of work?!? One review claims that Undecorate "emboldens readers to push aside stuffy, professionally-designed d├ęcor, showing them instead how to infuse their own personality into their home." Well, this was a relief. NO interior I've ever designed could be considered "stuffy" and the goal of personal, individual style is exactly what I help every client achieve. Phew! The bottom line is that some can do it on their own, some need good inspiration from a book or two and voila!......and the rest (thankfully) need a designer like myself to help execute their unique interior visions.

Feeling less threatened, I dove into the pages of Christiane Lemieux's new design bible and was smitten with image after image (much like I am with pretty much everything in the home textile and decor line Dwell Studio that she founded in 1999). "The No-Rules Approach to Interior Design" is perfectly in line with my personal and professional philosophy on good design. Melanie Acevedo's photographs are stunning. The 20 American homes profiled offer endless inspiration in an era when creativity is more abundant that design budget dollars, and undecorating is the new decorating.

All photos in Undecorate by Melanie Acevedo.