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Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Color: Yellow

Inspired by the brave daffodils that poked through the still-frozen soil weeks ago, withstood the premature spring showers, and are now blooming brilliantly in front of my house, I have chosen their vibrant yellow hue as the featured color for my weekly Monday post. If you've read past posts, you know my own front door is also bright yellow, which never failed to lift my spirits every day of this seemingly endless winter. Oddly I don't have a photo to share, but have included two bold yellow interior doors below that give me the same inner joy when I look at them. I was happily surprised at the abundance of yellow design inspiration I stumbled across in my web searches, only a fraction of which I was able to share below. Enjoy!!

Images above:

1. An example of the guest rooms at The Viceroy Palm Springs designed by Kelly Wearstler, to which I once made a pilgrimage just to be surrounded by the spirited yellow, white and black color palette.

2. Vibrant yellow interior doors posted on Remodelista. For more inspiration as an accent color, check out their brilliant post here.

3. Barn-style interior door in the same yellow hue.

4. A sunny breakfast nook created by designer Palmer Weiss.

5. An innovative use of color on the risers of a traditional staircase, via design blog Live.Like.You.

6. A genius wall art idea: ceiling medallions dipped in yellow paint.

7. A shot of a wall in Superette, the restaurant that is solely responsible for making me want to visit Capetown, South Africa.

8. Bright yellow ceiling fan, available from Sears.com.

9. Recycled Veranda Planter in Sunshine Yellow from Amazon.com.

10. DwellStudio's Facet Rug in Cream/Citrine (8'x10' shown; other sizes available)

11. Carpenter Lamp in a hi-gloss yellow powdercoat finish from cb2.