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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables

With the holiday season well underway, it's family feast time!! If your dining table isn't standing up to your guest load, maybe it's time to consider a new one made from materials that aren't so new. Here's my round-up of reclaimed wood dining tables:

This Old Elm Trestle Table from Furniture Classics Ltd is made of reclaimed building-grade elm and left in its found, weathered, unfinished state for a one-of-a-kind table with history.

The Parsons Reclaimed Wood Top Dining Table from Crate & Barrel has a compact footprint and a modern, hot-rolled steel base that contrasts the reclaimed wood top beautifully.

C.G. Spark's Reclaimed Teak Wood Dining Table and Benches Set is the right size and durability for a lifetime of holiday feasts.

The feminine shape of this Reclaimed Wood Round Pedestal Table from Edie's Lab on Etsy is balanced by the rough-hewn planks of reclaimed southern pine.

The Vintage Farm Tool Rectangular Dining Tables from Restoration Hardware combine the character of vintage garden tools and the rustic look of reclaimed pine.

The Country Manor Table from Sundance is made from reclaimed wood, much of which still retains patches of colored paint from its original life as barn siding.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Color: Matte Black

Few could avoid the buzz of "black friday" last week. From the onslaught of promotional discount emails from every major retailer to the abundant news coverage, it seemed like the event of the year! I'm happy to say the only cash I shelled out last Friday was for a tank of gas.

But with the call of "black friday" in my face at every turn, I decided to pay an anti-tribute by featuring Black in today's Monday Color Post, but with a commitment to featuring only independently manufactured small-scale products after the beautiful inspiration rooms. Not a single Target product anywhere in sight. And because I've already featured the color Black, I'm focusing on its softer, gentler counterpart: Matte Black.

1) From an Apartment Therapy post on black kitchens, I'm smitten over this combination of Matte Black and tons of rustic wood.

2) The Matte Black walls in this room are soothing when paired with this much white and an abundance of nature-inspired elements.

3) Spotted on The Design Darling, these Matte Black paneled walls also get a shot of energy from lots of white and natural materials, with an extra dose from various reflective surfaces.

4) Matte Black is even an option for wallpaper lovers, as seen in this room found on Apartment Therapy San Francisco.

5) & 6) Although starkly different, I love both of these black-walled kids rooms from Oh Dee Doh equally: (5) a artistic minimalist approach and (6) one with lots of color and fun themes.

7) A daring black grasscloth-covered office from Desire to Inspire.

8) Mila Table Lamp in Black from Canvas.

9) For an inspiring round-up of Matte Black painted furniture, head to this Remodelista post, which includes tips on the best low VOC, acrylic latex paint to use on such a project.

10) A 20" x 30" map of the United States in hand-drawn white type on a matte black background (from Little Owl Designs on Etsy).

11) I love how black chalkboard paint modernized this old globe and gives it an interactive, wanderlust appeal to (found on The Stir).

12) Kontextur Tissue Cover in Matte Black, from Design Public.

13) An unbelievably affordable Matte Black Nightstand Cabinet from Aspen Country.

14) Large Carafe from Calypso Home.

15) Blu Dot's powder coated steel Totem Bookcase in Black, available at The Future Perfect, is the ideal size for storing vinyl records or large art books in a small unused corner.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Color: Thanksgiving

Yes, I know that Thanksgiving is not a color. But let's face it, I'm running low on single color choices (I think 2012 Monday Color posts will have to feature color pairings....woo too!), however when I close my eyes and think of Thanksgiving, there is definitely a palette of hues that comes to mind. It is this same essence of Thanksgiving that makes it my favorite holiday hands down....a warm glow of food and family and crackling fireplaces, flushed cheeks and full bellies, and the remaining glimpses of Autumn turning into Winter outside our windows. I've mentioned before that aside from the arguable history behind the tradition, I love Thanksgiving because it is one of few non-religious holidays that has no commercial agenda (unless you count the boom in poultry sales); you are not required to give cards or presents, or don a costume, you simply get together with family, sharing company and a deliciously endless feast. And to me, that's inspiring.

Images above:

1. Turkey decorations made from all-natural materials seen on All Home Decors.

2. An earthy seasonal table setting from Haute Living.

3. A beautiful farmhouse-style Thanksgiving found on Nice Home Decor (this look is going in my 'dream house' files for sure!).

4. I love the lighter Fall-inspired colors in this tablescape.

5. An inspiring example of last year's Hostess With the Mostess Thanksgiving entertaining and decor ideas.

6. A simple table setting with brilliant Fall leaves from Martha Stewart.

7. A beautifully simply bittersweet wreath.

8. Thanksgiving Stacking Boxes available from Terry's Village.

9. Warm, honey-colored Smoked Glassware from West Elm.

10. A dried Wheat Bundle from www.drieddecor.com

11. Add some earthy colored pattern to your living room or bed with the Ezra Pillow from Crate & Barrel.

12. Maize photographic print by James Linton Sain from Z Gallerie.

13. Toss some fallen branches into a rustic vase like this Clay Vase with Rattan Trim and your table is instantly Thanksgiving-ready.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Immunity Now!

I'm starting to hear a lot of people mentioning a tickle in their throat, which means the weather is turning and cold season is upon us. The big pharmaceuticals would like us to line up for flu shots as a way to fend off the season's viral attacks (see image above), but there are equally effective natural immune-boosting foods and supplements that can keep you well all Winter long, no injections required.

For prevention, my #1 choice is Garlic. It might make me less kissable, but a diet rich in fresh anti-viral and anti-bacterial garlic has powerful combative powers against colds and flus. Chew up a whole garlic glove, steep it in boiling water and drink it like tea, or dice up a fresh clove over any dish. The allicin compound found in garlic is only potent for a short time after chopping, so eat it while it's fresh for the most beneficial affects.

If chomping on a whole garlic clove isn't your thing, consider getting a Winter's worth of this bug-fighter with Shaklee's Garlic Complex which combines the health benefits of garlic with the antioxidant properties of spearmint and rosemary.

Other trusted immune-boosting standbys are drinking 2-3 cups of Green Tea every day, increasing your water intake to flush out toxins, plenty of sleep (yeah, right!), and reducing dairy intake to combat the overproduction of mucus in the respiratory that it can cause, allowing a happy place for bacteria and viruses to grow.

And as many of us know by know, 80% of your immune system is located in your digestive system, so proper gut function is paramount in fending off colds and flus. If you don't already take a Probiotic daily, then consider adding one to your regimen throughout the Winter.

If a cold does start to set in, the lauric acid in coconut oil weakens the coating around many viruses and will shorten the duration of your cold. The body also converts the laurie acid to monolaurin which helps you fight a wide range of viruses and bacteria. It also has similar antibacterial and antioxidant properties to garlic, and is an incredibly beneficial oil if you are trying to reduce pounds or cholesterol. You can eat spoonfuls of straight coconut oil or use it to prepare numerous foods.

When you feel the first tickle, there are also a number of immune-boosting herbs to ingest right away that will increase your chances of beating that cold. Shaklee's Defend & Resist contains some key players: "Echinacea Purpurea to stimulate the body’s natural resistance, Black Elderberry to help maintain a healthy immune response, and Larch Tree to enhance immune support."

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Color: Corn

Have I mentioned that Fall is my favorite season and how excited I am for Thanksgiving? OK, maybe just about in every post. But what can I say? This is my time of year! I sort of ignore the historical origins of the Thanksgiving holiday and embrace the fact that it's the one annual tradition for which we don't give Hallmark cards or a slue of presents.....we just come together with family and friends to enjoy life and eat great food. And when I think of Thanksgiving, I immediately think of my mother's corn pudding, specifically the slightly crispy burned corner piece I always manage to snag from the pan. It's pure edible heaven.

For today's Monday Color post, I thought I'd take corn out of my mother's Pyrex dish and into the home, exploring how the warm honey-toned yellow color of Corn can make a room more delicious too.

Images above:

1. I love the many golden hues in this room from Better Homes and Gardens (India) via Once Upon A Time.

2. A cornucopia of warm yellow accessories found on Decor Pad.

3. The corn-colored upholstery against these charcoal walls is a daring yet brilliant combination (via Hammers and High Heels).

4. No art required!!! These harvest-hued painted vintage frames bring enough character to any wall (found on Somthings).

5. A corn-colored room vignette found on Apt 528.

6. The vintage charm of a corn-colored sofa from Velvet Palette.

7. I adore the warm array of pillows, natural textures and the sunshine-infused rug in this Umbrian cottage found on The Style Files.

8. Corn, white and plenty of pattern make this bedroom feel inviting and sweet.

9. Just one serving of corn is plenty (like on this bed found on Involving Color).....wish I could remember that before heading back for 2nd and 3rd helpings next week!

10. These are going on my Christmas Wish List for sure!! Owl Measuring Cups in Yellow from West Elm.

11. Les Indiennes' eco-friendly Papillon fabric in Gold.

12. Combining the colors of earth and corn, the Akina Vase from Crate & Barrel would be a great way to introduce this color to any room.

13. Urban Outfitters Ziggy Chair in Yellow.

14. Coyuchi's organic cotton Bath Sheets in Mustard and 10 other sumptuous colors.

15. A great Thanksgiving decoration idea from good ole Martha: Glittered Corn!! For the how-to, click here.

16. These fingerless gloves aren't a home decor item per se, but the color is delicious and I'm very likely to wear them indoors with the drafts my little beach shack suffers from (from Etsy).

17. Schoolhouse Electric's Hamilton Bed in Industrial Yellow