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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mobile home

Hanging a mobile over a newborn's crib is a time-honored decorating practice to develop baby's visual skills and capture attention through gentle motion. Plus they look really cool.

Black and white, surprisingly, stimulate an infant's visual senses the most out of all colors. But any mobile with dynamic motion (meaning that the hanging parts twirl independently and all parts constantly shift in a captivating visual "dance") creates a soothing focal point for baby during the many hours spent in their crib. I personally think they should also be visually pleasing to mom and dad, so I am posting a few of my favorite unique mobile styles here:

This adorable mobile from Petite Collage features a tree with a few friendly critters, all in laser-cut, sustainably harvested bamboo. $46


Having flown in a hot air balloon for the first time last year, this inspiring piece from Flensted Mobiles brings recalls the floating sensation of pure airborn freedom in me. $47


I have adored everything from the Adrift line by designer Brian Schmitt for years. This calming cluster of organic lines is my favorite (actress Ana Ortiz had the same opinion, selecting it for the Brooklyn nursery I designed for her). Prices start at $148.


Meeting the black and white criteria in a quirky way, this mobile (also from Flensted Mobiles) instills the lesson to stand out from the masses at an early age. $32


This laser cut walnut veneer mobile from ige designs brings nature indoors, inspiring a love for flora and fauna at an early age. $65


This dreamy cascade of real feathers was the one that inspired my search for unique mobiles that were inspiring and stimulating in an artful way. $125, one of a kind.