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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Muji Eco-finds

In light of the recent devastation in Japan, my aim for today's post was to turn my attention on a Japanese brand, so of course I immediately thought of MUJI. I discovered their products in London over 10 years ago and have been in love with their practical, minimal aesthetic ever since. I was pleased to see that many recycled offerings have been added to their product lists and have included a few of my favorite Earth-conscious wares from Japan's infamous MUJI brand below. While the people of Japan are still reeling from the devastating effects of the tsunami, we sit comfortably in our dry, warm homes, wondering what we can do to help. From prayers to acts of service, to the donation of our fiscal resources, our country is dutifully stepping up. Supporting their commerce is yet another way to help.

Reused Yarn Tank Top $19.50

Recycled Paper Monthly Kraft Notebook $3.95 (made from recycled paper)

60 Colored Pencils in a Tube $27.95 (pencils are made from Cedar, storage tube is recycled cardboard)

Card Holder $7.25 (made from PET, 50% recycled plastic bottles)