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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Etsy Love: Maple Shade Kids

Looking for something truly unique for your kids room? Well, every single item in Maple Shade Kids' Etsy shop had me swooning. Whether functional or purely decorative, all pieces are hand-cut from FSC Certified Poplar wood and finished with non-toxic paints, sealants, and lovingly applied eco-friendly papers. Take a look....

A set of hooks hung low within your kiddo's reach is a great way to encourage independence and tidiness, and the Peg Racks by Maple Shade Kids are probably the cutest way to achieve this that I've ever seen (made with FSC certified Poplar wood with hand-cut paper appliques).

Let your child's inner Picasso shine with these clever Art Hangers (two hand-carved figures with 5' of jute twin in between).

Fawn and Mother Dear Shelf displays just about anything and is as adorable as can be.

Mother and Child Hedgehog Collage is one of several 12x12 wood and paper collage designs offered by Maple Shade Kids.

Handmade Matryoshka Wooden Dolls come in assorted colors and designs and can be used for play, made with a hanging hole, or just displayed in a sweet little grouping on a shelf.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

From Kitchen Grease to Clean Hands

Discovering the hand soap line Further gave me one of those genuine "Damn! I wish I had thought of that" moments and filled me with complete and total life envy. Read the backstory here and you'll immediately understand why. The products - which include a hand soap, lotion, and candle all made from biofuel bi-product and scented with the fragrant oils of bergamot, olive and exotic grasses - are a beautifully clever example of sustainability and re-use. The Los Angeles-based husband and wife team behind Further are eco-geniuses in my book, keeping restaurant grease out of the garbage, fueling some cool vintage rides, and keeping hands clean nationwide.

Further Hand Soap $12.50

New Further Hand Lotion $12.50

11 oz Further Scented Candle $24.00

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In the Fold

I love this brilliantly simple drawer organization tip from Martha Stewart Living online. I don't personally have any drawers, but my son's dresser and the kid-sized garments that fill it will greatly benefit from this little trick. My local Salvation Army has tons of those the thin metal bookends and my perfectionist passion for neatly folded clothing will certainly embrace the tighter bundle. And now it will be even easier for Ryder to select which of his many Star Wars T-shirts to throw on. (Click the link above for the full post on www.marthastewart.com)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Color: Pale Gray

The skies over Long Beach this morning were a beautiful muted silvery gray, enhanced by the light fog that rolled in and out all day (even when the sun finally broke through for the afternoon). Easily swayed by the visual world around me, I decided to pick pale gray as today's Monday Color. I use both warm and cool versions of this easy neutral in design projects all the time and find it is always a soothing hue to be surrounded by. As spare as my wardrobe is, I must have half a dozen pale gray tanks and V-necks in my closet; I guess this color is sort of the design equivelent of my favorite gray T-shirt staples.

Images above:

1. A serenely organized office in an all-gray palette from Martha Stewart's Living.

2. Also from Living, I love the silvery elegance of this living room.

3. A crisp gray and white Southampton bedroom designed by Vincente Wolf.

4. A pale gray living room with a few pops of earth tones (Elle Decor image via The Enchanted Home ).

5. The Eleanor pattern from The Wallpaper Collective.

6. The classic Stockton Dinnerwear from Crate & Barrel features a wide band of dove gray.

7. The elegant 5' x 8' Tamira Rug in light gray by Surya

8. The Stokke Sleepi Bassinet & Crib Nursery Set in Gray, available through www.allmodern.com, is a contemporary alternative to white or wood toned cribs.

9. The Organic Cotton Ruched Throw in platinum from West Elm.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Etsy Love: A. Heirloom

It's Saturday again....time to post another beloved Etsy shop here on Baby Green. This week, I wanted to find a truly standout, original product that meets the same eco-friendly criteria I comb the Etsy listings for each Saturday. Easily satisfying both, the state-themed bamboo cutting boards from Brooklyn-based A. Heirloom are unique, practical and green as can be in renewable plyboo with a simple oil finish. All boards are custom-made, with a heart carved in the location of your choice, with a reasonable two week lead time. They can laser cut any state or country. Check out a few of my prior and current homestates below - Indiana, Washington DC, and New York - as well as the Borough that the boards are handmade in.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh how I love OH DEE DOH!!

Happy Earth Day everyone!!! I can't believe it was only one short year ago when I officially started this Baby Green blog. So much has happened in 365 days. I'm so fortunate for all the opportunities I've been graced with, the beautiful people I've crossed paths with or who make every day of my life brighter, and for the deep knowing that I'm on my true life's path through Baby Green, my writing, and all the hats I wear.

Whether you are a parent, expecting to be, or just know one......please check out the Q&A I was asked to do for Oh Dee Doh about the importance of eco-friendly kids rooms and my newest service offering Sprout. I warmly welcome your comments, questions, and ideas here and on the Oh Dee Doh piece.

With love & gratitude,


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pretty Neat

Most of us are already well into our Spring Cleaning checklists this time of year, but for those of you who are putting off the necessary tasks, maybe you need the right tools!! Take a look below for some of the prettiest cleaning companions around, making the dirty work a little more pleasurable.

Handmade Broom Set from Viva Terra includes a dust pan, mini whisk, and full-size broom made from renewable sorghum and colored with non-toxic dyes. Set is $65.

Also from Viva Terra, stock up on cleaning essentials in aesthetically pleasing eco-friendly materials and even a pop of colorful turquoise on the utility brush handles. Eco Cleaner Collection $5 - $14.

Gaiam sells a great alternative to the popular disposable mopping devices: a spray mop (fill with any non-toxic cleaner or a simple vinegar/water solution) with durable, effective, washable microcloths. Spray Mop & 5 Microtech Cleaning Cloths $60.

The Eclipse Bucket from Stacks and Stacks is made from recycled soda bottles, holds 2.5 gallons of liquid and features a handy pour spout and raised channels inside the bucket to help separate dirt from water. Only $12.99!

If a few home repairs are part of your Spring Cleaning routine, you will be much more eager to reach for a wrench in this Lime Green Striped Toolbox from Organize.com $65. (Check out the whole line of home products in this cute design!)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Color: Salmon

My mother has always had an affinity for the color salmon, which she repeatedly paired with various blues in every house that I can remember. I can't blame her; salmon is an incredibly pleasing and versatile color to decorate with, falling comfortably between its more daring cousins of orange and pink. It can feel either classic or modern, depending on the way its used. Feast your eyes on these delicious salmon rooms and accents.....

Images above:

1. A salmon pink inspiration board from one of my favorite blogs, The City Sage.

2. A pop of salmon on upholstered dining chairs, found on the Dream Design Live blog.

3. Sheer salmon curtain panels in an otherwise neutral room designed by Katie Ridder.

4. I love this hi-gloss salmon library, found on Blu Label Bungalow (image from House Beautiful).

5. A bold salmon takes on even more energy against a deep blue and paired next to a patterned slipper chair (photo by Thomas Loof).

6. Salmon and gray are a unique but natural color combination, found on We Heart It.

7. Salmon is commonly paired with deep browns, but this eggplant and salmon combination imbues an extra sense of sophistication and warmth (found on decor pad).

8. Williams & Sonoma Home Cashmere Throw in Lantana (and 6 other available colors).

9. An area rug in salmon and tan from the Country Living Farmhouse Stripe rug collection by Surya, found on www.justarearugs.com.

10. The Fringe "Asia" Tray available at Bloomingdales features many colors with brilliant pops of salmon.

11. Serena & Lily's Coral Diamond Throw Pillow

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Etsy Love: Wren Woods

Today's Etsy find is a reflection of my love for reclaimed wood and those that creatively repurpose nature's most beautiful resource, keeping the axe away from 1000's of trees each year. Michigan-based Wren Woods supports this mission by crafting floating shelves and boxes out of salvaged barn wood, as well as coat hooks and vases from tree branches. The Lorax would be proud!!

Small Rustic Floating Shelf

Rustic Barn Wood Business Card Holder

Various Wooden Hooks

Rustic Wooden Vases with dishwasher safe glass inserts.