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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Etsy Love: (something a little different this week)

This week marked the soft, unofficial launch of my new interior design firm Wolf & Wing Interior Design, which is really just a re-branded, blended fusion of all my design businesses of the last decade into one unified concept that I'm so proud and eager to move ahead with. New Years Intention #1 checked off the list!!!

Since I've been a little busy with all this, I have neglected to post anything here since Monday and am only going to do a modified Etsy Love post today, not featuring a single shop, but rather a curation of items throughout Etsy that feature either a wolf or a wing to celebrate my new endeavor. You can't hear the noisemakers and champagne bottle corks, but they're honking and popping over here nonetheless. Enjoy with me, please.

Brass Eagle from Rhett Didn't Give a Damn

Bird Wing Printed on Vintage Map of NW Australia by Herbert Co (Ingrid, if you're reading this.....you must get this and put it on your dream board!!)

"We Make Our Truth" Graphic Hand Printed Tee from Sirius Grafik (if ANYONE'S reading this, I'd probably fit a Mens Small!).

Two beautiful, screaming-my-name Patina Wing Pendants from Amanda Davies Elements Etsy Shop.

Evolving Habitats Custom Made Wolf Forest Light Box.

Baby Boy On Wolf Print by Hide N Seek.

A Little Lark's Gold Wolf Sketchbook.

Recycled Cotton Canvas Lunch Sak with a hand-screened image of a wolf in a forest, also from A Little Lark.