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Saturday, December 25, 2010


Dear Friends & Family,

A pre-holiday mega-bug got the best of me this week, but I mustered up just enough energy to decorate our miniature artificial tree and make Christmas cookies for all the neighbors with my son Ryder. He begged for a "real" tree but ultimately bestowed his love on our little tree-in-a-box and announced that the only "early Christmas present" he wanted before heading off to his father's was that I feel better. True Christmas spirit, I'd say.

I am creating this Christmas morning post to wish all of our dear friends and families a merry, joyous holiday and to share a few of my favorite "alternative" trees, not to take anything away from the real cut trees that a majority of you have standing proudly in your living rooms, but to celebrate a year of slow but strong environmental changes, the true Christmas spirit that is measured in our hearts, not in decorations, and a beautiful, bright future ahead.

With all my love,