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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Etsy Love: Georgia Varidakis Jewelry

I know I created my Saturday Etsy Love post to highlight the abundance of awesome eco-friendly housewares found on Etsy, and I've accomplished that mission so far with many a featured shop to come. But I stumbled across a line of jewelry so beautiful, so unique, and so 'me' yesterday that I just had to share. Shelves and lamps are great but sometimes a girl's just gotta blog about jewelry!! And for argument's sake, 'handmade' and 'locally produced' are key green qualities, and Georgia Varidakis' line of jewelry gets checkmarks for both. Here's my drool-enducing shopping list:

Attention future husband: I'd prefer this Double Bird Ring over a diamond engagement ring any day (available in sterling silver on Etsy and in yellow and rose gold through Georgia's website)!

A precious pair of Little Sterling Heart Earrings.

For the man who can pull off a 3 piece suit, but not without a little humor and style: Cow Head Cuff Links.

Every seafarer like myself needs a little nautical accent in their jewelry box, such as this tiny Anchor Necklace.

A few of my other favorites found only on Georgia's website: Fan Coral Brooch, Crystal Necklace, and Sword in the Stone Necklace.