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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Feather Lusting

Feathers have long been a mild obsession of mine. It's likely rooted in my desire to soar like a bird in a big blue open sky. But gravity and winglessness keep me grounded, and so it is.

Change of subject (sort of). My first and only tattoo is of my son's name with two little birds flying over an ocean wave, which I got in celebration of significant life changes that unfolded in the past few years. Tattoo # 2 is in incubation stage now but I know two things: it will go near my right shoulder blade to cover a large scar and it will incorporate an image of a feather. The images above are my "inspiration file" for this next piece. None of them are "it" but that's ok, all art is a process.

In my online feather searches, I also came across so many beautiful representations in home decor that I just had to share. Until the day comes for my next tattoo, a vase or a print will have to do.

Birds of a Feather Wall Stickers from www.bouf.com.

Feathery Plumes No. 61, an original water color available at GollyBard's Etsy shop.

Large Feather Tray by Michael Angove available at Gretel Home.

Nourison's Parallels Rug in Lavender from Rugs Direct.

Framed Feather Wall Art by artist Scott Lifshutz for West Elm.

Thomas Paul's plum and cream Feather Tufted Pile Rug from Velocity Art & Design

Feather vase from Brooklyn Rehab's Etsy shop.

Ferm Living's Feather Wallpaper.