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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

AT's Design Showcase 2011

I love to support independent designers and unique ideas. (Especially over the mass market products created in the Walmart board rooms of the world!) The eponymous home site Apartment Therapy runs an annual Design Showcase giving exposure to dozens of such designers, which I suppose is slightly more impressive than me showcasing cool things I found here which get read about only by my sister and mother. :)

The voting for Apartment Therapy's Design Showcase 2011 closes Friday September 30th, so head on over to AT and vote for favorite. And while you're at it, please help me decide between the oh-so-practical Prop (currently #2) and the beautiful Shilpa Rathi vegetable-dyed organic cotton bedding collection (currently #3). Everyone I know with an Apple laptop could certainly use the Prop but the planet as a whole needs more organic cotton products ASAP. And anything to nudge out the current #1 product, The Ultimate Cat Scratcher/Lounger. The world does not, I repeat, does NOT need a(nother) luxury cat bed/scratcher.

One more thing, if I could vote for a product that didn't make the top cut, it would be the Chipmunk Turntable by Joel Scilley, which is neither that practical or eco-friendly but it's just plain rad-looking.

Currently #2: The Prop by Nicholas Pajerski & Justin Brouillette

Currently #3: Belize/Chaurus Duvet Cover Set by Shilpa Rathi

Please do not vote for The Ultimate Cat Scratcher/Lounger shown here.