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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Laundry Day

It was laundry day today, a common ritual in a house with a little boy who sweats in or soils every garment almost instantly. The only difference in today's laundry routine was that I decided that the woven wicker basket I use as a hamper in my closet needs to retire to life as, well, a basket, and it's time to purchase a real hamper. And what better distraction from house chores, than online shopping?!? Well, I fell in love with a lidded, woven model and then saw the price tag: $120!! It's a hamper, not a handbag! So, I decided that today's post should run down the best hampers I proceeded to uncover, all of which are under 20 bucks.

Natural bohemian vibe, for any age: Daisy Crunch Can by Umbra $19.99

The look of a woven material, without the price: Square Resin Hamper by Honey Can Do $19.99

Soft colors, clean lines: Shake Up Hamper by Homz $19.98

For a hip nursery or dorm room: Camo Bongo Bag by Redmon $14.99

Natural canvas and warm wood: Wooden X-Frame Hamper with lidded canvas bag by Honey Can Do $18.97

For those who like to keep darks and lights separate at all times: Aluminum Frame Double Hamper by Whitmor $19.99

Something for every kid's taste: Tiddliwinks' Hamper Collection $19.99