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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Studio Gorm's Peg Garden

There are smart designs and there are super-genius-wow!-I-want-to-give-these-people-a-hug designs. The Peg Garden by Oregon-based Studio Gorm falls into the latter category. Thanks to a post about the collection on Remodelista, I am reminded once again that in the sea of mass production and the same old same old, there are still creative types striving for a perfect balance of form and function, using design for what it's meant to do: solve problems. This set would be perfect for my back yard, which is really just a 9'x9' concrete patio where sometimes I crave a table and chair and sometimes I'd like to nap in the sun. There's definitely not space for a chaise lounge, chair and side table and where would I store all of it out of harm's way in the winter? Bingo! The Peg Garden....for the sun-loving, space-deprived, neat freak like me!!