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Friday, May 6, 2011

Sprout has sprouted!!

If you have ever set up a nursery or child's room, this list is going to look familiar:
1. crib/bed
2. mattress
3. mattress pad
4. bedding
5. changer/dresser
6. changing pad cover
7. seating
8. throw pillows
9. toy storage
10. book storage
11. play or art table/desk
12. rug
13. window treatments
14. lighting
15. wall color
16. mobile
17. artwork

I could probably go on but I think you get my point here, right? There's a lot to think about as an expecting parent or even just when transitioning an infant into their toddler years. On top of all these purchases and decisions, you may be eager to make your baby's space as safe as possible and/or eco-friendly as possible, knowing that small, developing bodies should spend as little time as possible around off-gassing chemicals. Yeah, I felt that way too.

Ever since my own son's conception in 2004, I have been specializing in helping expecting and existing parents through the often-daunting task (and everything that I initially went through!) of setting up beautifully-designed, well-organized, healthy, and safe spaces for their children. Through the years, I am lucky to have become an expert in nursery design which means I get to help an ever increasing number of people down this path, a service that I truly love and am fulfilled by. But many people who contacted me for assistance were not in the New York area and/or didn't have thousands to spend on a local interior designer. So that got me thinking. How can I help everyone with this process, in an affordable and remote way? How can I be a guide toward awesome-looking, eco-friendly nurseries FOR ALL?? Like any great idea that is merely a solution to a need or problem, Sprout was born.

What is Sprout? Sprout is peace of mind, a reduction in overwhelmingness or expensive mistakes, guidance, support, and a recipe for FUN. Sprout is a custom-designed nursery package that includes a selection of yummy, all-natural Shaklee Baby products a comprehensive, but simple game plan for an enjoyable nesting process, and phone/email consultation time. And all for a minimal one-time investment of $599. Read more about the Sprout package and the simple, easy steps you will need to get started here . Even better, mention this Baby Green blog post and get $100 OFF a Sprout package from now until the end of May!!!

Here's a sneak peak at part of a custom Sprout room:

Any design style....any budget.....any timeline.....we can make it work. Dream-Nursery-in-a-Box was too long of a name, but that's exactly what this package will deliver. And besides, Sprout had a much cuter ring to it!!